Espiritu santo island

 Is a Protected Natural Area located in La Paz Bay inside the Gulf of California called by Jacques Cousteau:  “The Aquarium of the World” because of it’s high biodiversity.  Some of its inhabitants  include Sea Lions, Whale Sharks, hundreds of other species of sharks, sea turtles, mantas, corals, colorful and large fish; it has 33% of the cetaceans of the world (dolphins and whales) . Espiritu Santo is considered one of the top ten places to dive in the world.

sea lions


A colony with hundreds

big fish


The beginning of November is the best time to dive in Baja, the weather conditions are perfect, it is warm but not hot outside and the water temperature still being hot, the visibility is the best of the year up to 30 meters, the water is clear and blue in the deep and transparent emerald turquoise in the shallow areas. Winds are usually null during this time of the year so the water surface should be calm and flat.

jumping mantas





Low in November, high from December to March

Chances to see

Sea logistics will be run by Fun Baja Diving Center. It is located in the best Marina of the city and is considered one of the best marinas in all of Mexico; Fun Baja offers hi quality services. Their meticulously maintained fleets of boats and well trained staff have been providing safe and exciting adventures in Baja California Sur since 2000. All of their tour operators and guides are bilingual (English and Spanish) many speak Japanese as well.



hammer heads


whale shark




High all year


  • 5 days of competition          Athletes will be free to choose discipline in every announcement
  • Official Training
  • Freediving with Sea Lions