* 105 meters. Not official World Record as for AIDA bifins and monofins are both in one category CWT. However with bifins is more difficult and this is the deepest dive in history of humanity. Molchanov´s CWT world record with monofin is 128 meters. 


day 1

               November 3

Bifins World Record*  Alexey Molchanov

Continental Record

Sofía Gómez Uribe


National Record

 Sebastian Lira


Nat. Nationality

OT. Official Top. The time when the athlete is allowed to start the dive (after the OT it most start not latter than in 30 seconds) 

WU. Warm up time. The time when the athlete can get into the water to star the warm up

Disc. Discipline to perform during competition according to announcement. Announcements are made one day before.

AP. Announced Performance. The depth the athlete will attempt. 

ADT. Announced Dive Time. The time the athlete declared its dive will last. The athlete knows the approximate time according to training and previous dives.

RP. Resulted Performance. 

Card. W = White Y =Yellow (valid with penalties) R = Red (Disqualified) 

Penalties. Description of the penalties. SP = Disqualified because of fails in Surface Protocol. DNS = Disqualification for not showing.

DQ =   Disqualification 

PTS. Points after penalties if there are.

NR. National Record

CR. Continental Record

WR. World Record