Includes food 

100 USD

100 USD

Lunch is included   

Sea of Cortez named by the legend Jacques Cousteau as the "Aquarium of the World"

hammer heads school

deep training    & lecture*

lecture & lung stretching*

lecture, lung stretching & mental preparation for freediving*


Car & Driver  270 USD divided between all the excursionist   

November 13

board rental 20 USD   

sea lions

sunken boat

100 USD

80 USD   

November 10 to 14

    Apnea expedition with Big Animals & Equalization Class with the Deepest Man

Includes food 

Includes food 

November 11    

whale shark

November 12 

deep training    & lecture*

November 14

deep training    & lecture*

total price 895 usd    

Training  class 1.5 hours a day


Lung stretching exercises

Mental preparation for deep diving

Lecture  1 hour a day

your videos and photos taken by Alexey molchanov are included

$495 USD*

learn from

Alexey molchanov

    128 meters depth 

without including Car & Driver for surf 

November 10