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Big Blue World Cup Alexey Molchanov

Big Blue World Cup 2016. World champion Alexey Molchanov achieved a milestone in the history of mankind, he went 129 meters down, breaking his own record of 128 meters in the category of "Constant Weight '(CWT). Despite the current, Alexey went down and up smoothly, the first time a human being comes to such depths in a single breath using a monofin.

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Big Blue World Cup 2016.Lena Balta broke the national record of Serbia. She beat her own record of 76 meters, going 77 down in "Constant Weight '(CWT). Amber Bourke broke the record for Australia going 53 meters down by "Constant Weight without fins" (CNF). The Chilean Sebastian Lira also broke his own record going 85 meters down in “Free Immersion”. 

BIG BLUE WORLD CUP 2015 Invitation by Estrella Navarro

Guillaume Nery Opens Big Blue 2015

Continental Champion Alejandro Lemus ​Freediving 

Estrella Navarro & Davide Carrera Whale Shark 

SEA LIONS by USA Champion Kurt Chambers

Sofia Gomez Uribe, Kurt Chambers  The Challenge 

Competition Day. Stephane Tourreau 

Estrella & Linton Navarro Freediving with Mobula Mantas

Training before competition by Ren  Chapman

Cabo Vision. News

Best Inauguration by Stephane Tourreau French Medalist 

Davide Carrera & Alexey Molchanov TheThrill of the Dive

Training Day. Stephane Tourreau 

World Champion Alexey Molchanov  Planet Mobula  

Mobula Planet by USA Champion Kurt Chambers